Former Montaldo Scarampi Castle

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Today, just a little (remains) of what was once the well-constructed and fortified castle of Montaldo, which, according to the Marquis of Vasto, was one of the best he owned and to say that he had several castles.

• The history of the building (written by Anna Mainardi Scarampi)

The copy of a map of 1764 shows us the plan of the castle of Montaldo Scarampi and the walls surrounding the village at the top of the hill (Montis altus).

The “Fence” was the name that included the whole territory within the walls. On the north-west side, within the enclosure, was a church, dedicated to St. Nicholas, later called the Church of the Battuti ('Bati').

Behind the church and bordering the walls was the cemetery.

The castle suffered a fire at the end of the 1700s (according to the testimony of De Canis) and gradually everything fell into ruin.

The bricks and recoverable materials were used to build new houses, and nothing remained to testify to such great power.

The only one preserved was the church.

It was already deconsecrated when in 1923 it was made suitable to welcome the Kindergarten.

Today the rooms of the former kindergarten house the Museum of the Peasant Family, where important testimonies of the rural life of the past are on display.


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